Call for KEC Conversation Partners

Talk on Skype for 15 minutes and get $15!

Kamiya English Coaching (KEC) is seeking individuals with excellent interpersonal skills to become Skype conversation partners of KEC clients. KEC clients are Japanese learners of English. Your job is to have a 15-minute conversation with one of these clients via Skype. Candidates must speak fluent English, either as their first or second language. If you are interested in applying for the position, please fill out the application form.

Guidelines for Applicants

To become a member of KEC Conversation Partners, you must fill out the application form and have an interview with KEC Coach via Skype Video Call. After receiving your application form, KEC will schedule and notify you of the interview appointment. Experiences of teaching languages or living abroad are NOT required. Specialized knowledge about any foreign language and culture, including Japanese, is also NOT required. KEC Conversation Partners must understand and agree that all the conversations with KEC clients will be recorded by the clients for their educational purposes.

When your session is confirmed by the client, you will be notified of your appointment by email.


Before the appointed day, please make sure that you have your computer ready with the latest version of Skype installed. Do NOT use iPhone and iPad as they do not work well with group video calls.

About Skype, visit Skype Website

How it Works

As a member of KEC Conversation Partners, you will start receiving email notifications from KEC. The notifications will describe the details of the client’s request including preferred time and date of the Skype session. If the request suits your schedule and expertise, let us know that you are interested and we will set up a session for you. The sessions are one-time events. You may occasionally have the same client twice, but not more than that. KEC will pay you after each session. No regular commitment is necessary.

On the day of your scheduled session, please log into Skype and get your camera and microphone ready at least 5 minutes prior to the appointed time. KEC will call you and connect you to your client. After introducing you to your client, KEC will leave the conversation and your client will start recording the conversation. Have a naturally occurring conversation with your client (Do NOT try to teach English!!). After about 15 minutes, KEC will come back and ask you and your client to close the conversation. You will receive an Amazon gift card of US$15 on completion of each job.