TED Translation as a Language Learning Tool: Online workshop

This hands-on workshop provides translation exercise using a TED talk followed by useful and helpful discussions with peers. A great learning opportunity regardless of location. Recommended for all Japanese learners of English who are serious about improving their learning skills.

Topics include:

  • What is TED?
  • How to use TED.com for language learning
  • Overview of the subtitling/translating processes

Participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to use online resources for their own language learning
  • Try translating a TED talk
  • Share the translation experience with other participants and learn from each other
  • Get feedback and suggestions from the facilitator to improve their English

Time: 2 hours
Location: Online
Seat: 3-5
Fee: Free
Time & Date: See KEC Facebook Page

About the Facilitator

The facilitator Emi Kamiya is a certified language coach, researcher of English education, translator and language coordinator of TED Japanese translator team. Emi designed this workshop based on her experience of watching numerous TED talks, creating Japanese subtitles, and reviewing other translators’ works.

Emi’s profile on TED.com
Emi’s profile on Language Coach Network