KEC’s 10th Anniversary。KEC創立10周年記念ページ

2020年5月、Kamiya English Coachingは

Kamiya English Coaching celebrates
the 10th anniversary of its founding on May 15, 2010.

Message from the founder
and coach, Emi Kamiya


It is amazing to me that KEC celebrates its 10th anniversary. It has been such an exciting journey. Looking back, starting KEC in May of 2010 was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. When I hit on the idea of integrating the techniques of coaching into language learning, the first thing I did was a google search, thinking that somebody else must be already providing the same service. I remember I was puzzled when nothing was found in the search results. Then I learned that not many in education knew about coaching, and very few in coaching were interested in language education. I was really lucky to have friends and family who gave me a supportive push to develop the primitive form of KEC, along with motivated coachees who were brave enough to join me in the “experiments” in the early days.

さらに運のいいことに、2013年にはレイチェル・ペイリングと出会い、国際コーチ連盟認定 言語コーチング資格の第1回オンライン講座に参加することができました。この講座の参加者は右肩上がりに増え、いまや認定言語コーチは500人超。レイチェルやコーチ仲間たちを通じて学び続けているおかげで、KECは高水準のコーチングを目指すことができています。

In addition, I was very lucky to have met Rachel Marie Paling in 2013, and to have had a chance to participate in her first online course for certified Language Coaches accredited by the ICF. Since then, the certificate program has grown steadily, and I am a member of the community that supports more than 500 language coaches. What I learn from Rachel and my fellow coaches helps me keep the high standards of performance at KEC.


Of course, KEC’s journey has not been possible without our coachees. They are my motivation, reason for commitment, and primary purpose in learning. They are the driving force of the growth and improvement of KEC. I truly appreciate each one of our coachees for their contributions.

今日、言語コーチングは広く知られ、効果的な学習方法として世界中で注目を集めています。「英語 コーチング」で検索すれば、何千万ものサイトが見つかります。この10年でKECを取り巻く環境は大きく変わりましたが、「日本人英語学習者のために、良質な環境を整えたい」という私の想いは変わりません。これまでも、これからも、英語やコミュニケーションの力を伸ばそうとがんばる学習者のみなさんと二人三脚させてもらえることを大変うれしく思います。

Today, language coaching has become widely known and has been attracting worldwide attention as an effective method for learning. If you now search “English coaching,” millions of websites will be found in your results. Throughout the many changes over the past decade, my passion for providing a quality environment for Japanese learners of English has never diminished. It has been and continues to be my greatest joy and privilege to work with those who are dedicated to improving their English proficiency and communication skills.

Kamiya English Coaching 代表

KEC History


5月 – May


Emi Kamiya founded KEC.

11月 – November


Emi made her first media appearance as a language coach

in the Shukan NY Seikatsu.


4月 – April


“Coaching Method” was registered as a trademark of KEC

in the Japan Patent Office.

4月 – April

All About Profile


Emi answered public questions and wrote columns

on English language learning in All About Profile.


5月 – May

ウェブサイト リニューアル

KEC’s new website was published.

5月 – May

Facebook ページ開設

KEC’s Facebook page was launched.

10月 – October

USウィークリービズ(現・ニューヨークビズ) コラム


Emi wrote a monthly column on language coaching in New York Biz.


1月 – January

代表・神谷えみ 国際コーチ連盟認定

Emi was certified as a language coach accredited

by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

8月 – August



Emi appeared in an interview article in New York Biz.

11月 – November


『English Learning Checkup』開始(~2015)

KEC launched “English Learning Checkup,”

free consultation for Japanese learners of English.


8月 – August

TED翻訳体験 + 英語学習

KEC launched “TED Translation as a Language Learning Tool,”

free online workshop.

11月 – November

Efficient Language Coaching

Emi appeared in an interview by Efficient Language Coaching:

“A transition to Language Coach.”


5月 – May


KEC started offering student discounts.

7月 – July

代表・神谷えみ 国際コーチ連盟認定

Emi was certified as an advanced neurolanguage coach

accredited by the ICF.


5月 – May

インタビュー ポッドキャスト&ブログ


KEC launched “KEC meets Japanese speakers of English

around the globe,” podcast interviews.


5月 – May


KEC organized and executed an online event

to connect the podcast guests and listeners.


5月 – May

代表・神谷えみ 博士号(教育学) 取得

Emi earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.

7月 – July

note 開始

KEC started blogging on note, a Japanese blogging platform.

8月 – August

ウェブサイト リニューアル

KEC’s new website was published.

8月 – August


KEC’s first Alumni Interview was published.

9月 – September


KEC launched group coaching.


5月 – May


KEC’s 10th anniversary page was published.

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