Kamiya English Coaching (KEC) was founded in May 2010 by Emi Kamiya to provide a unique, new and effective approach for improving your English conversation and communication skills. At KEC, there are no teachers and students. No textbooks. Instead, you work one-on-one with an experienced coach who helps you to draw a road map for taking steps toward the improvements you seek. Our unique Coaching Method enables you to become an active, independent, and self-advancing learner of English.

*Our programs are designed exclusively for Japanese learners of English. If you know someone to whom you think the programs might be of benefit, please refer them to this page.


At Kamiya English Coaching, our mission is to help learners to:

  • Discover their own potential, and set their own goals and objectives
  • Work independently and autonomously to improve their skills of communication in English
  • Develop the skills necessary for continuous learning and achieving their long-term goals


The KEC Coaching Method was developed by our coach Emi Kamiya, to incorporate her knowledge of Communication studies, techniques of Conversation Analysis, and techniques of Coaching into language learning. Coaching Method® is a registered trademark of KEC, filed in the Japan Patent Office.


The KEC Coaching Method has these 4 features:

  • “No two learners are the same”
  • Enables bespoke curricula
  • Maximizes the benefit of learners
  • Supports lifelong learning


As a coachee, you will go through these 3 phases:

  1. Examine your English;
  2. Transform your learning; and
  3. Become an autonomous learner.


Emi Kamiya, MA, MS, PhD, is the founder of Kamiya English Coaching, which provides online coaching services for Japanese learners of English. She is the first language coach from Asia to be certified by Efficient Language Coaching, and the first licensed teacher trainer to provide the Neurolanguage Coaching® Certification course in Japanese, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

As a coach, Emi applies her extensive experience in language education, both in the US and Japan, which includes: teaching English as a second or foreign language to learners of all ages (from 3 to 80+) from various linguistic backgrounds; teaching Second Language Acquisition to MS TESOL students; supervising teaching practicums in the TESOL program; and teaching Japanese as a foreign language to college students. Emi supports and encourages her clients to acquire the skills that will enable them to autonomously continue their own learning.

As a researcher, Emi studies Japanese learners’ use of English in real-life conversations. Her research interests include English as a foreign language, Conversation Analysis, and Intercultural Pragmatics. For her dissertation work, Emi analyzed online conversations between Japanese learners of English and native- or non-native speakers of English, focusing on the influence of cultural backgrounds of the participants.

Emi spent nearly 15 years in the US, first in Kentucky and then in New York. She was educated at the State University of New York at Albany.

Emi Kamiya, PhD

Emi Kamiya, PhD


  • Licensed Teacher Trainer (2021)
  • Certified Professional Neurolanguage Coach (2021)
  • Certified Advanced Neurolanguage Coach (2016)
  • Certified Language Coach (2014)
  • PhD in Curriculum and Instruction: Concentration in English Language Education (2019)
  • MA in Communication (2010)
  • MS in TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (2007)
  • EIKEN/Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1
  • TOEIC/Test of English for International Communication 990/Full
  • Japanese Language Teaching Certification
  • Kanji Aptitude Test Level Pre-1


  • English as a Foreign Language (Japan: Various educational settings, all age groups)
  • Japanese as a Foreign Language (US: College)
  • English as a Second Language (US: College)
  • Teaching Practicum for TESOL (US: Graduate school)
  • Second Language Acquisition Theories (US: Graduate school)



The KEC Program will take you on a guided journey from your current level of conversation to a place of greater confidence in your ability to converse on your own. Greater confidence in your own abilities comes with having a coach as your guide instead of a traditional teacher. A coach works as a partner in your learning with you, the learner, taking the lead role in how quickly and in what direction you want to learn.


The curriculum is normally finished in 3 months. We allow an extension of an additional 3 months (6 months in total). The program is easily accessible online and you regularly meet your coach via Zoom. The KEC program fits you regardless of time, place, and your so-called learning style.


The KEC program is specifically designed for Japanese learners of English who are serious about improving their English proficiency and communication skills. Basic computer skills and some experience of speaking English are required.


For the first half of the program, our focus will be on your performance in conversation. To design a program especially for you, you will:

  1. Record an English conversation of yourself and an English-speaking partner of your choice (The recorded conversation will become the basis for improving your abilities to communicate in English);
  2. Playback, hear and critique your own performance;
  3. Transcribe the conversation and start analyzing the way you and your partner communicate with each other; and
  4. Evaluate your own performance so you will gain greater understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement.

Lessons on specific areas, including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, will be given when necessary.

The second half of the program is your chance to plan, design, and implement a project of your choice. The project can be on anything (e.g. making a presentation, improving writing, analyzing your performance in a group setting, etc.) as long as it helps you move toward your goals in learning English.

Throughout the journey, your coach will always be beside you and encourage your learning. By the end of the KEC experience you will have the skills to independently navigate your own learning.


Emi’s qualifications, experience and empathy combine to make her an outstanding language coach. During the program she took with me, I was impressed by her mastery of language, her deep knowledge of language teaching skills, and her sensitivity to the subtleties involved in coaching. I am convinced that Emi will be extraordinarily successful as one of the first Japanese accredited and certified language coaches. I enthusiastically recommend her and Kamiya English Coaching to individuals and businesses alike. With Emi as your language coach, you will learn quickly and enjoy lasting results.

Rachel M. Paling
Director, Efficient Language Coaching